Ft Eustis 10K, RESULTS 2013


 Course Records

Ft Eustis 10 All Runners ListFt Eustis 10K Age Group Winners ListNote: Mercedes Castillo D’Amico may have taken the state record for the distance at her current age. mmFollow up: Owing to the fact that Ft Eustis’s certification had laspsed, Mercedes did not, repeat did not achieve a record for her age group. PTC offers Apologies to Mercedes and Andy. This should have been announced at race start that the certification had lapsed.

Below are the award winners for the 15th Annual Fort Eustis 10K held at Fort Eustis, VA. The race was held on Saturday morning, March 2, 2013 sponsored by the Fort Eustis MWR. The race was conducted and results
were generated by the Peninsula Track Club. Conditions at race time were very cool but good for running, overcast with a breeze and temperatures in the upper 30s.The course for the Fort Eustis 10K was USATF certified (VA02048RT) and was run as certified. The race started and finished at Anderson Fieldhouse on Fort Eustis. This is the 3rd race of the 2011 Peninsula Track Club Grand Prix series.

162 runners entered the 10K (down from 241in 2012) with 151 completing the race (down from 193 in 2012).

While the number of runners was smaller than 2012, the top finishers in 2013 were significantly faster with all top 4 Male finishers beating the 2012 winning time of 36:38; Blaine O’Reilly, 24 of Williamsburg, VA was
first with a time of 33:38 (5:25 pace) followed by Victor Flemming, 33 of Smithfield, VA (34:22; 5:32 pace), Bryce Livingston, 25 of WIlliamsburg (35:10; 5:40 pace) and Todd Kessler, 30 of Newport News (36:31; 5:53 pace).

The women were also faster than the 2012 winning time of 43:08. 1st Woman Overall was Mercedes Castillo-D’Amico, 55 of Newport News with a time of 41:53 (6:45 pace) followed by Crystal Witte, 27 of Yorktown in 42:30 (6:51 pace) and Karla Haven, 51 of Plainview, VA slightly behind the 2012 winning time finishing in 43:30 (7:00 pace).