The 2019 PTC Virtual Marathon AND STANDINGS


A virtual marathon with a difference.  Most virtual races are run for a specific distance from any location you choose at any time you choose.

The PTC Virtual Marathon is created from the PTC Races in 2019 you choose to run.

Sign up for the PTC Virtual marathon and then run your own marathon using the races on the 2019 PTC Race Schedule.  The goal is to run PTC races that total a distance of 42K or more.  Times for the races run will be totaled for your PTC Virtual Marathon time.

Sign up at

Cost:  $15.00 for PTC members.  $35.00 for non-members (Price includes PTC Membership)

Finisher Medal for all PTC Virtual Marathoners who complete at least 42K of PTC races.

Distances:  5K, 8K, 4 Miles (6K), 5 Miles (8K), 10K, 10 Miles (16K), Half-Marathon (21K)


Have you ever thought about running a marathon, but the whole experience seemed a bit too daunting? How about running a marathon on the installment plan.

How it works:

• Sign up for the PTC Virtual Marathon at or link to it through the PTC website:

• Run any timed event on the Peninsula Track Club schedule and receive credit for the distance/time run. For 2020, any official Virtual PTC events will be included. (For distance credits, See chart below)

• Run PTC events totaling 42K or more and you are a FINISHER in the PTC Virtual Marathon.

• Run additional PTC events beyond 42K to improve your Virtual Marathon finishing time.

• Sign up by July 4, 2020 and any PTC events already completed will count towards your 2020 Virtual Marathon finishing time.

Virtual Marathon Entry Fee:

$15 for PTC members

$35 for non-members (fee includes one-year PTC membership)

All Virtual Marathon Finishers receive unique finisher medal.

Custom awards for top 3 finishers

Event Distance :: Distance credited

3K :: 3K

5K :: 5K

4 miles :: 6K

4.3 miles :: 7K

8K :: 8K

5 miles :: 8K

10K :: 10K

10 miles :: 16K

Half Marathon :: 21K

2020 PTC Virtual Marathon

Total Distance to Finish: 42K

Current Standings – Updated: May 10, 2020

Dist Name Age M/F City Dist Time

==== ===================== === === ==== ==== =======



Braxton Lee 10 M QTN 39 3:52:30


Erin Gedicke 30 F HAY 34 3:31:38


Susan Hagel 47 F NOR 31 2:40:08

Rick Platt 69 M WBG 31 2:40:13


Amanda Collier 40 F YKT 21 2:07:03

Barbara Biasi 72 F YKT 21 2:18:29

Dawn Rolph 44 F POQ 21 2:19:50


Dale Abrahamson 70 F YKT 15 1:10:39


Maryanne Lee 36 F QTN 13 1:22:19


Kathy Gallo 63 F NNW 10 1:12:41