Viking Dash 5K, Williamsburg, June 16th 2019


A new run is taking place at York River State Park on June 16th. (beautiful place)!

PTC members  will have a 15% discount code.  I also use something called VOGO.  If anyone volunteers at one of my races, they get a free one.

Currently, the race director could use a few more volunteers!  If you have anyone interested please contact the race director .  Of course if you have anyone who wants to participate thats great as well.

The information about the event can be found here:

The discount code is:  williamsburg15

The 2019 PTC Virtual Marathon AND STANDINGS


A virtual marathon with a difference.  Most virtual races are run for a specific distance from any location you choose at any time you choose.

The PTC Virtual Marathon is created from the PTC Races in 2019 you choose to run.

Sign up for the PTC Virtual marathon and then run your own marathon using the races on the 2019 PTC Race Schedule.  The goal is to run PTC races that total a distance of 42K or more.  Times for the races run will be totaled for your PTC Virtual Marathon time.

Sign up at

Cost:  $15.00 for PTC members.  $35.00 for non-members (Price includes PTC Membership)

Finisher Medal for all PTC Virtual Marathoners who complete at least 42K of PTC races.

Distances:  5K, 8K, 4 Miles (6K), 5 Miles (8K), 10K, 10 Miles (16K), Half-Marathon (21K)


2019 PTC Virtual Marathon
Total Distance to Finish: 42K
Current Standings – Updated: November 12, 2019

Dist Name Age M/F City Dist Time
==== ===================== === === ==== ==== =======
Chris Novakoski 37 M CHS 42 2:50:03
Rick Platt 68 M WBG 42 3:24:52
Susan Hagel 46 F NOR 42 3:36:00
Valor Foy Jones 56 F NNW 42 3:44:02
Helen Worthington 65 F BEN 42 3:59:31
Maria Peters 54 F YKT 42 3:59:32
Braxton Lee 10 M ARK 42 3:59:49
Amanda Collier 39 F YKT 42 4:06:09
Rachel Novakoski 36 F CHS 42 4:11:35
Steve Peters 54 M YKT 42 4:13:36
Barbara Biasi 71 F YKT 42 4:19:35
Catherine Harden 52 F NNW 42 4:26:25
Dione Edwards 49 F HPT 43 4:39:21
Dottie Humphreys 67 F NNW 43 4:52:35
Patricia Wiedemann 58 F SEA 44 5:07:55
Maryanne Lee 36 F ARK 42 5:18:21
Peter Navin 64 M HPT 43 5:53:58
Bob Curtin Jr 66 M HPT 42 6:19:48
Bryton Lee 6 M ARK 31 3:39:14
Ryan Doupe 32 M NNW 29 1:52:11
Karen Schenck 65 F ARK 20 3:00:44

Annual Award Banquet Recognizes Our Legends!


We had a big turn out at our club’s Annual Award Banquet, and it was attended by many of the past winners of the Hall Of Fame and the Grand Prix.  We took advantage of that for some group pictures!

Some of the Hall Of Fame winners, past and present, gathered for a picture:

Winners of the Peninsula Track Club Grand Prix:

2018 Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix RESULTS


Click here to view results:  2018 Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix Results

Start planning to participate in 2019:   if you participated in any HRSGP events in 2018, you will roll over into 2019, but otherwise, please fill out a new entry form on the HRSGP site at

In your planning, please include at least 1 race from each of the three clubs to qualify for this contest.





The PTC and The Fast Before the Feast 5K raises over $13,500 to benefit The Virginia Peninsula FoodBank


This year the Peninsula Track Club again hosted The Fast Before The Feast 5K on Thanksgiving Morning to benefit the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank.  Thanks to all our volunteers for turning out en force and the 900 runners that have made it a personal tradition, the magic happened.   At our club’s General Membership meeting, on December 11, 2018, the PTC  and  FBF Race Director, Jamie Porter Cox, presented the check of $13,562 to the most grateful CEO Karen Joyner and Donna Tighe, Community Relations Manger (pictured below).

For more information about the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank, please visit





Birthplace of American Trail


Exciting news for residents of Tidewater and fans of the Capital Trail.  The success has inspired even more great trails.  View this website to see all the plans being made!

Birthplace of America Trail



Club Social Outing!



Bring your best game for a round of putt putt with Peninsula Track Club. It’s not a race—just a casual outing with your fellow runners. And PTC will pick up the tab! All PTC members and their families are welcome to join the fun.

November 4
2 – 4:00 pm

Play A Round Family Fun Center
5021 George Washington Mem. Hwy.
Yorktown, Va.


Litter Getter, Sunday at 8 am


Sunday, September 23rd   8:00 a.m.
Yorktown Middle School
(Goosley Rd and Route 17)

PTC’s “adopted” stretch of road in York County needs a bit of tidying up and more volunteers will get the job done much quicker. Safety vests and bags will be provided, but please bring gloves. This is a good opportunity to earn a PTC race discount card too.