Changes to the PTC Board of Directors


I would like to thank George Nelsen for his service as PTC President from July 2017-Dec 2019. At the December 17th PTC General Membership Meeting, members voted on several new board positions.

I was privileged to be elected the new PTC President. Christine Schaffner was elected 1st Vice President, vacating her position as Board Secretary. Helen Worthington stepped down from her role as 1st Vice President and was elected Board Secretary.

The remainder of the board did not change: Pam Garrett, 2nd Vice President; Mike Thomas, Treasurer; Bruce Davis, Newsletter Editor; Steve Amarillo, Membership; Jaime Cox, Volunteer Coordinator; Maria Peters, Social Coordinator; Rick Platt, Race Schedule; Amanda Collier, Adopt-a-Highway “Litter Getter” Coordinator; Thea Ganoe, Webmaster; and Robert Trujillo, Marathon 101 Coach.

Thank you to all our volunteer PTC Board Members… past, present, and future. Our all-volunteer club could not be a success without a solid team leading it.

Steve Peters, PTC President