PTC Interval Training

Winterval Warriors

NOTE: Intervals are suspended for the foreseeable future. Our coach’s availability has become very limited. If you are an RRCA-certified running coach (or interested in becoming certified) and would like to volunteer to lead the weekly Intervals at Tabb High School Track please contact Steve Peters (

Peninsula Track Club hosts Intervals and “Wintervals” (Winter Intervals) at Tabb High School track. Intervals begin in mid-March and Wintervals begin in November of each year. Watch for weather updates or cancellations on the PTC Facebook page or contact Coach Trujillo.

What are intervals?

Intervals are brief periods of intense running followed by brief periods of rest. When you run your body produces lactic acid. By briefly resting you get rid of some of that lactic acid but can’t get rid of it all. Your body adapts to the lactic acid over time allowing continued exercise and gains in endurance. Consistent effort over weeks will get you faster times at whatever run you do…