New PTC Aluminum Recycling Plan


Fellow PTC Members,

Over the last few years the return on recycling aluminum cans has greatly decreased and the work & space to collect & store them before having enough to make it worthwhile to bring them to a recycling center has become overwhelming. We appreciate Gary Porter‘s efforts, but it is time to relieve him of this burden.

We started collecting cans at races in part as a means to raise funds for Transitions Family Violence Services ( We will continue to support this important cause as we have been doing for over 10 years… just no longer by money generated by recycling cans.

We have learned that, by volume, the most dense and therefore valuable part of the cans are the pull-tabs. We will now only collect aluminum pull-tabs and donate them to Ronald McDonald House Charities (

Please bring your pull-tabs to the races or meetings in a ziploc bag (or your pocket) and transfer them to our designated pull-tab container (large red coffee can) and when it is full we’ll get them to RMHC where they’ll use the proceeds for their great causes.

Although we won’t be collecting your cans anymore, we do encourage everyone to continue to do your part to recycle and protect our environment


Steve Peters

President, Peninsula Track Club (PTC)