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PTC Interval Training

Intervals at Tabb High School start March 19th 2014
The “mad” bunch!
Peninsula Track Club hosts interval training at Tabb High School on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. beginning March 16, 2016


Peninsula Track Club hosts winter intervals at the Yorktown Middle School  and intervals at Tabb High School.  Intervals start mid March. Wintervals start in November.

PTC Coach Robert Trujillo, 757-927-5004

What are intervals?

Intervals are brief periods of intense running followed by brief periods of rest.  When you run your body produces lactic acid.  By briefly resting you get rid of some of that lactic acid but can’t get rid of it all. Your body adapts to the lactic acid over time allowing continued exercise and gains in endurance. Consistent effort over weeks will get you faster times at whatever run you do…