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PTC Grand Prix – Rules, Races and Results

2019 PTC Grand Prix     Race Schedule  

Menchville Winter Chill 5K

10 Mile Run for the Heart

Fort Eustis 10K

Joe & Sue Moore Scholarship 5K

Yorktown Freedom Run 8K

Joe-Zilla Trailzilla 5 Miler

Coast Guard Day 5K

Smart Smiles 5K

Mulberry Island Half Marathon

Poquoson Run with the Bulls 5K

Yorktown Battlefield 10 Miler

Run with the Son for Haiti 5K


2018 PTC Grand Prix Final Results

Scott Bartram — 2018 PTC Grand Prix Champion

Men (Runner Up):

Randy Hawthorne 84 43 127

Ryan Doupe 110 6 116

Andrew Medvec 54 49 103

P J Mendola 50 50 100

Craig Hymes 50 34 84

Christopher Laws 51 22 73

David Anderson 56 16 72

Chris Novakoski 59 6 65

Steve Peters 29 29 58

Rick Platt 38 18 5


Women( Runner Up):

Valor Foy Jones 111 46 157

Jaime Cox 85 59 144

Helen Worthington 88 48 136

Carol Bartram 63 49 112

Amanda Collier 75 34 109

Barbara Biasi 79 28 107 *

Maria Peters 64 43 107

Patricia Wiedemann 54 52 106

Thea Ganoe 63 42 105

Dottie Humphreys 46 46 92


2017 PTC Grand Prix Final Results

Randy Hawthorne – 2017 PTC Grand Prix Champion


Men (Runner Up)
Name run vol total
Christopher Laws 98 37 135
Dale Abrahamson 89 43 132
Ryan Doupe 106 3 109
Mike Thomas 49 49 98
Andrew Medvec 64 28 92
Larry Turner 47 28 75
Ed M Rietscha 47 19 66
Jonathan Nonnemacher 58 3 61**
Grove Calvert 58 3 61 *
David Anderson 45 16 61
Women (Runner Up)

Name run vol total
Dottie Humphreys 79 79 158
Helen Worthington 89 60 149
Patricia Wiedemann 67 67 134
Kathy Gallo 81 52 133
Valor Foy Jones 93 34 127
Amanda Collier 85 37 122
Barbara Biasi 78 37 115
Patricia Travis 77 25 102
Susan Hagel 65 35 100
Christine Schaffner 57 16 73


PTCers who scored in all 12 Grand Prix races:

Amanda Collier

PTCers who scored in 11 of 12 Grand Prix races:

Valor Foy Jones, Randy Hawthorne
Christopher Laws

PTCers who scored in 10 of 12 Grand Prix races:

Ryan Doupe, Kathy Gallo


For questions or corrections regarding
the 2017 Grand Prix standings,
please contact Bruce Davis via e-mail

Grand Prix Rule Summary

The Peninsula Track Club Grand Prix Race Series is designed to encourage participation in PTC events, promote competition, and reward long-term performance and volunteerism. Grand Prix points are earned based on the racing results of designated Grand Prix races and by volunteering for any PTC race. You don’t have to sign up for the Grand Prix. If you are a member and you run a Grand Prix race or volunteer, you automatically earn points. However, in order to qualify for a Grand Prix racing award, you must volunteer for a race at least once during the year.


Points are awarded to the top ten (10) male and female runners in each age group. Scoring is as follows: 1st place in each age group receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 9, 3rd gets 8 and so on down to the 10th place runner who receives 1 Grand Prix point.
Overall winners receive 10 points plus bonus points based on the overall place awarded. For example, if awards go to the top 3 overall, the first place man and first place woman receive 10 points plus 3 bonus points (total of 13) Grand Prix points. 2nd overall receives a total of 12 points and 3rd receives 11.
There is no limit to the number of racing points that can be earned. However, you must be a PTC member in good standing when the Grand Prix event is held.

The PTC Grand Prix is unique in that points can be earned through volunteering. Every time a member volunteers for an event, race or litter-getter they receive a three (3) Grand Prix volunteer points. Additionally bonus volunteer points are awarded for the following conditions:

1) Double points for two race events or extended events like Mulberry Island or the Virginia 24 Hour Run count as two races – you get 6 volunteer points.
2) Volunteer to be a Race Director or Race Coordinator for a race. The Race Director receives 10 bonus points (13 points total), Race Coordinator gets 5 bonus points (8 points total).

3) Volunteer Bonus: Members also receive a one-time bonus of 7 points (10 points total) for their third volunteer effort.

To volunteer for a race simply contact our Volunteer Coordinator (Jaime Cox, 817-1221 or e-mail: to officially volunteer for the race of your choice. On race day, show up one (1) hour prior to race time and check in with the Volunteer Coordinator.
There is no limit to the number of volunteer points that can be earned, although no more than 6 volunteer points can be earned for a single event. Also when the Grand Prix points are totaled, volunteer points cannot exceed the racing point total. The member with the highest Grand Prix point total (combined racing and volunteering) at the end of the year becomes PTC Grand Prix Champion. Good Luck!