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Grand Prix – 2014

Past Years:  2013 2014 2015 20162017

The Peninsula Track Club Grand Prix Race Series is designed to encourage participation in PTC events, promote competition, and reward long-term performance and volunteerism. Grand Prix points are earned based on the racing results of designated Grand Prix races or by volunteering for any PTC race.  You don’t have to sign up for the Grand Prix. If you are a member and you run a Grand Prix race or volunteer, you automatically earn points. However, in order to be eligible for a Grand Prix racing award, you must volunteer for a race at least once during the year.

            PTC Grand Prix Champions

Year    Grand Prix Champion       1st Male Runner-Up    1st Female Runner-Up

—-            ——————-                       ——————                ——————–

1988    Raymond Ochs

1989    Raymond Ochs                     Paul Maney           Barbara Biasi

1990    Paul Maney

1991    Peter Mueller                       Larry White           Marilyn Davis

1992    Marilyn Davis                       Tom Silva               Barbara Biasi

1993    Tom Silva                             Dan Hawley            Rhonda Venable

1994    Rick Platt                             Jim Black                 Rona Altschuler

1995    Rhonda Venable               Dan Hawley            Rose Schatz

1996    Rhonda Venable               Larry Turner        Lisa Hydrick

1997    Rhonda Venable               Larry Turner         Linda Kidder

1998    Caroline Diehl                    Ned Berg               Linda Kidder

1999    Larry Turner                      Ned Berg                  Kristin Harman

2000    Ned Berg                            Scott Bartram     Caroline Diehl

2001    Ned Berg                           Larry Turner        Caroline Diehl

2002    Wyatt Chutchins           Larry Turner        Margarita Doreste

2003    Brian Heidt                     Wyatt Cutchins    Cindy Slominski

2004    Dennis Jarabak            Wyatt Cutchins    Michelle Smith-Hardin

2005    Wyatt Chutchins           Dennis Jarabak    Barbara Biasi

2006    Connie Clueck               Terry Imbery        Barbara Biasi

2007    Susan Hagel                  Jonathan Fitton    Pat Montalvo

2008    Susan Hagel                  Robert Wilson    Helen Worthington

2009    M. Castillo-D’Amico    Andrew D’Amico    Pat Montalvo

2010    Peter Wolf                      Kris Ellingsen       Helen Worthington

2011    Susan Hagel                  Dean Wewetzer    Helen Worthington

2012    Helen Worthington     Barry Hughes        Barbara Biasi

2013    Barry Hughes                Randy Hawthorne    Helen Worthington

In each Grand Prix race, points are awarded to the top ten (10) male and female runners in each age group. Scoring is as follows: 1st place in each age group receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 9, 3rd gets 8 and so on down to the 10th place runner who receives 1 Grand Prix point.
The overall winners receive 10 points plus additional bonus points based on how they place and the number of overall places awarded. For example, if awards in a race go to the top 3 overall men and women, both the first place man and first place woman receive 10 points plus 3 bonus points for a total of 13 Grand Prix points. 2nd overall receives a total of 12 points and 3rd receives 11.If the race in question awards the top five overall, then the overall winner receives 10 points plus 5 bonus points for a total of 15.  2nd gets 14 and so on to the 5th place overall who receives 11 points.
The Masters category is treated in a similar way. If the top 2 Overall Master runners receive awards, the first masters runner receives 10 points plus 2 bonus points for a total of 12. Second Master thus gets 11 points. If a Master’s runner places in the overall standings, however, they will receive the higher of the two Grand Prix point possibilities, regardless of which race trophy they receive. Bonus points for Master’s runners are only awarded if Master’s awards are given out for that race.If a race has a Walking category Grand Prix points are awarded similiarily.
There is no limit to the number of Grand Prix racing points that can be earned. However, you must be a PTC member in good standing (i.e. dues paid up) the month the Grand Prix event is held in order to receive points for your performance.
The PTC Grand Prix is unique in that points can be earned through volunteering. Every time a member volunteers for an event, they receive a minimum of three (3) Grand Prix volunteer points, including the initial required effort. This volunteer effort can be either a race or a litter getter.
To volunteer for races, call our Volunteer Coordinator and officially volunteer for the race of your choice. On race day, show up one (1) hour prior to race time and check in with the Volunteer Coordinator for that race. If you haven’t volunteered before, don’t worry. There are a wide variety of jobs and what little training you need is provided. If you’re interested in doing results or helping with the computers, pass that along when you volunteer. Every time you volunteer, be it race or litter getter will earn you 3 Grand Prix points. In addition, bonus volunteer points are awarded for the following conditions:
1) Double points for two races: Each multi-race event, such as Colonial, Mulberry Island, and POMOCO, counts as two races. So if you volunteer, you get double points (six points, 3 for each race). This does not apply to the 1 mile fun runs, only for events with two fully timed races
2) Volunteer to be a Race Director, Race Coordinator, or Volunteer Coordinator for a race. The Race Director receives 10 bonus points (for 13 total for the event), Race Coordinator gets 5 bonus points (8 total for the event) and Volunteer Coordinator receives 2 bonus points (5 total for the event). This bonus covers the entire event. For instance, if you were to be Race Coordinator for Colonial where there is a Half Marathon and 5K, you receive 3 points for each race and 5 points for acting as race coordinator for a total of 11 points. Also, please note that a member cannot receive volunteer points for a race in which they run.
3) Volunteer Bonus: As a reward to those who regularly volunteer, members receive 7 bonus points (for a total of 10 points) for their third volunteer effort, whether it is a race or litter getter.
There is no limit to the number of volunteer points that can be earned. However when the Grand Prix points are totaled, volunteer points cannot exceed the racing point total. Grand Prix point totals will be tallied each month and listed in On Your Mark. The member with the highest Grand Prix point total (combined racing and volunteering) at the end of the year will be the 2007 PTC Grand Prix Champion
Good Luck