Self-Defense for Runners and Walkers


Self-Defense for Runners and Walkers Classes are Forming Now

Self-Defense for Runners and Walkers (family & friends): Classes (2.5-hours) are now forming for the Conflict Continuum (self-defense) as presented by Dr. Brad Bennett, Course Director, Conflict Continuum for the Tactical Hapkido Alliance here in Yorktown. You can view the presentation he gave PTC on April 17 here:  Running Safely_self defense April 2018

Fees for this course and supporting course training DVD can be found at the end of his slide presentation along with his other point of contact information. Class sizes are 10-20 attendees, and multiple classes can be arranged. Date and location of this self-defense course are TBD based on interests.

If you are interested in taking this class or want more information about how this class can be provided to work, church, clubs, teens, etc., please email Brad at with a copy to Helen Worthington at

Conflict Continuum Group on Facebook:

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