PTC Scholarship


The Joe & Sue Moore Memorial PTC Scholarship is a one-year scholarship offered by the Peninsula Track Club to graduating high school seniors accepted to and entering a regionally accredited college or university in a full-time program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree. To be eligible the student must be a member or the dependent of a member of the Peninsula Track Club in the year of application and for the year of the award.

To apply, click here for the application.

Tried And True Ways to Keep Running by Dale Abrahamson


Dale running in the 2017 Mulberry Island Half Marathon (last week!)

Dale Abrahamson has been involved with running as a volunteer, a race director, a coach, a writer and a member of multiple running clubs. Once he was even the president of a running club. He has been a runner for 38 years and is still a top competitor in our local races. We asked him to talk about what he does to stay healthy and keep running, especially as a senior runner when injury can sideline us for a long time.

First of all, having good balance is very important, and having that requires muscle strength, in the ankles, the back, the core, even the upper body. You might think you need muscles for running fast, but first you need good balance. On a regular basis, you should try to work these main groups.

For Balance and strength:
1) Yoga
2) Run on soft surface (to strengthen ankles)
3) Planks (to stengthen the back)
4) Crunches (to stengthen core)

Muscle tightness can cause sore spots but you can work them out before they get serious. You need regular stretching and massage. The runner should use a foam roller or tennis ball on a regular basis to work out muscle tightness/knots.

To maintain the proper form while running, upper body work is required. Dales uses:
1) Pushups
2) overhead lifts

Training – take a summer break. During the summer months, Dale goes hiking. He also recommends these activities.
1) rowing machine
2) swimming
3) Norditrack

He does all these things on a regular basis and is still running strong! Proof that they really do work!

Listing of ALL photo albums


New Listing of the Mike Angelo collection of race albums, listed chronologically by race name!  Click a link to open the pictures.

Click here to visit page.

Race Listing of Fun Runs


New race listing of local fun runs and youth events that are in this area.  Many of these shorter races are perfect for a child to try out his/her feet.  Plus there is usually a considerable price break….


Visit the Youth Fun Run Page

Mary’s Custom Quilts


Adopt-a-Highway Litter Getter


The next PTC Adopt-a-Highway Litter Getter will be on

Sunday morning, June 25th.  

Start time for the litter pick-up is at 8:00 a.m.  Help us clean up our adopted section of highway (Goosely Road and Route 17) in Yorktown near the Battlefield.  Meet at Yorktown Middle School.  Please bring gloves.  For info, call Jim Halley at 898-1416

PTC Newsletter Stuffings


Each month the stuffing of On Your Mark is hosted by a loyal PTC member.  Stuffings start at 7:30 p.m. and last 1-2 hours, and end with a small “pig out.”

Next Stuffing:  Thursday,  May 11

Host:  Steve and Maria Peters

Volunteer Opportunities


To volunteer to work a race, simply call or email PC Volunteer Coordinator Jamie Cox (see below). Then just show up on race day one hour prior to race start. You’ll enjoy the volunteer experience, qualify for the 2017 PTC Grand Prix competition, earn Grand Prix points, get a race discount pass, and — if available — a race T-shirt.

Never volunteered before? No problem, we are happy to train you.

To volunteer for a race:

Call/text 817-1221 or e-mail Jamie Cox “ .






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