Noland Trail 10K Mariners Museum 5K, 2012 RESULTS


Noland10K all runners
Noland 10K age group winners
MMPark 5K all runners
MMPark 5k Age group Winners


The 12th Annual Mariners’ Museum 10K on the Noland Trail and the 3rd Annual Mariners’ Museum 5K at the Park held on Saturday morning, October 20, 2012. Proceeds from the event benefit the Mariners’ Museum Park and Noland Trail, the largest Privately owned
and maintained park in the country.Conditions at race time were perfect for running, sunny with temperatures in the 60s.

The Noland Trail 10K course starts at the Mariners’ Museum on Museum Drive, runs down towards River Road before doubling back to enter the Noland Trail near the Museum Administration building. The 10K then completes the circuit of the Noland Trail, across Lion’s Bridge and finally finishing in front of the Museum. The course, which is mostly on trails, is accurately measured and was run as measured, but is not USATF certified.

In its third year, the Mariners’ Museum 5K at the Park ran on a new course starting near the Mariners Museum Park entrance, running on museum drive and finishing at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. The course is not USATF certified.

A total of 387 runners entered the events (up from 378 in 2011) with 245 entered in the 10K (up from 208 in 2011) and 142 entered in the 5K (down
from 170 in 2011). 221 runners completed the 10K (up from 185 in 2011) and 132 runners completed the 5K (down from 165 in 2011).